web work by tegan snyder

About Me

I like road trips, being outdoors, and hanging out with my wife and son.

I'm a multi-talented professional with a knack for entrepreneurship. I started my career developing websites for local businesses in the late 90s when I was ten years old. I love technology and love to follow emerging trends in data science, machine learning, programming, security, and distributed computing. I'm a big advocate of open source culture and challenge myself to contribute code to OSS projects when I find time.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

  • I started the first 56k dialup internet service provider (TegNet) in small rural Nebraska town I grew up in.
  • With the help of some good high school friends we built a wireless internet service provider (Split-Wire) and serviced rural areas in Nebraska and Kansas. Business was later sold and is still operational under a different name.
  • Built a cross-platform mobile application (Footwork) to help political campaign managers, non-profits, and salesmen keep track of their ground operations.

Recent Work History

I currently work for 3M where I'm the core architect responsible for tooling and self-service applications that used to conduct eCommerce market assesments, evaluate eCommerce product landscapes, and evaluate eCommerce channels. Prior to 3M I was the CTO for Bulu Box, the first vitamin, supplement and general health sample box. As the CTO of Bulu Box I managed the development of Bulu Box's e-commerce applications, subscription billing services, cloud-based infrastructure and technology stack. Prior to Bulu Box I worked as a Web Architect at Nebraska Public Power District, Nebraska’s largest electric utility, where I developed web applications, mobile applications and integrated solutions on both the front-end and back-end.

Tegan Snyder

In my spare time I like to spend time with my wife and son. I also like to read about science, philosophy, and technology. I enjoy the outdoors, especially time on the water or a hike through the woods. You can find me on twitter @tegansnyder.


  • eCommerce Market Analysis
  • Web Application Development
  • Automation and Integration
  • eCommerce Platforms and Tooling
  • Backend Programming

Key Technologies

  • Apache
  • PHP
  • Magento
  • MySQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Rundeck
  • Gearman
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Javascript
  • SASS / CSS
  • RHEL / CentOS
  • Apache
  • Ngnix
  • Git
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kibana
  • Logstash
  • Bash
  • HTML